The Blood Brood

We're eachothers family now

Welcome To The  Blood Brood

We Are A Brood Of Owls Ruled By Athena

To join, PM Athena (Kayla) with the information (be sure to include the breed/type of Owl), season of birth, and age of your Owl. Do not forget to include LINKS to your characters pic(s).

You may have as many characters as you wish.

Be sure to read the FAQ and Rules/Guidelines page before roleplaying.

~Only The Strong Will Survivie~


**Roleplay accordingly to the season and re-read the rules under Guestbook to find out how the seasons change**

Current Season: Spring
Hunting Status: Lera is begining to become more abundant. Around 3 out of 3 hunts are sucessful.
Next Season: Summer

>>We have gone through 0 game seasons so far on this website. That is 0 game years, and 0 years in real life<


Sunday, September 23, 2012- This website has been re-done into a new type of roleplay compleately! No longer for humans and their horses in the old west, this is now an Owl Roleplay. Enjoy~
Wednesday, July 14, 2010-
This website has officially opened!!! There are animals up for sale, places to roleplay at including Town and Unclaimed Territory, and more! We need two different tavern owners for the Taverns.... So if your interested in owning a tavern, message me. Remember that every character starts off with $1,000! Also remember to notify me if you buy, sell, tip or donate anything/anyone! Thank you!